Monday, December 22, 2008

Austin, Here I Come

After talking about it for the last two weeks (and thinking about it for the last two months), I have registered in the Austin Half Marathon on February 15th.
My cheering section (a.k.a. my oldest daughter) says she is looking forward to it, although she continues to hold out for the hoped for Nashville trip for the April 28th Country Music Marathon (still no final decision on this one yet). Next on the agenda is locking down a hotel for this trip.

I got up early this morning for an interval speed workout. I was very happy with my running today--a far cry from last weekend's disappointing running experience. It's nice to have some proof that last weekend was the exception and not the rule. Another nice thing is the return of the colder weather, not that I am a fan of cold weather, but sometimes warm weather in December just doesn't seem right.

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