Saturday, December 3, 2011

Escape from Huntsville 20K

Today I took a step back towards my running roots and did the Escape from Huntsville 20K today in Huntsville, Texas.

I did not really "race" this event today as it was part of a planned training weekend, enabling me to regain some familiarity with trail running--and I will say there are a lot more ups, downs and roots sticking up than I remember from a few years ago! I ran this at a quick endurance pace without letting my heart rate get above the aerobic endurance training zone (upper zone 2 of 4 heart rate training zones).

I had a lot of fun and enjoyed this run and it brought back some memories of why I loved trail running so much. I really enjoyed the scenery and the variety that trail running brings, plus I had forgotten how much of the time you feel alone in the woods, even though others are not far away.

I finished in 2:14:01, easily my fastest trail run pace. I suppose this is technically a PR as it is also my first 20K distance for any type of run.

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Amanda said...

Great job - sounds like you had a lot of fun...I'm way to clumsy for the trails, I'd end up breaking something for sure :)!