Friday, May 18, 2012

Ironman Texas 2012 Preview

The clock is ticking down on the start of Ironman Texas 2012. It's currently under 12 hours and counting down....

Packet pickup went well for me. I got there early and for once there were no early lines. I was able to make a quick trip in to the Ironman store to grab a couple small items and then to grab my packet. One great extra this year was the transition backpack that come with registration.

Unfortunately, this proved to be a busy work week for me. Although I was able to take off a half day Thursday to help get ready. Friday was filled with about 4 hours of work related phone calls and a lot of headaches (arrgghhhh!!!!). However, I still got tires changed, spare tubes bought, transition bags packed and my bike + transition bags dropped off before the 3 p.m. deadline. (That's my Orbea in the center.)

After the dropoff, I got some pizza and salad for lunch and walked around the new finish area. It would have been hard to believe, but I think this year the finish is even more spectator friendly than last year!. One small slightly unhappy thing is that the last run is uphill, but I am pretty sure that won't matter at that point when adrenaline carries you through.

I also enjoyed a treat from a bake shop on that final run--a cookie in the Ironman logo!

As for me, I have done the training and feel real good about my preparation. Unfortunately these last 2 or 3 days have just been awful from a work point of view and I am at a stress high point in my life, though maybe that might work for me with tomorrow being a chance to focus only the task before me and nothing more.

For anyone interested in tracking me, I have two links for you.
First is the Ironman Texas website where they offer athlete tracking: ironmantexas,com has a results link with an athlete tracker at:

Second is a tracking chip at  This could give you an idea where I am on the bike and run portions of the course.

Finally, there is the issue of finishing time. Last year I had some problems I fought through to a 16:35:49 finish. This year my first goal is to beat this time, but I also really want to beat it by a lot and hope to get under 14 hours. It will be a long day but I will give it all I have.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement, my friends!


K said...

Watching you tackle the training for this race has been a true gift! Your hard work and discipline is going to pay off in a big way! 14 hours is a real possibility! See you at that finish line!

Rae! said...

watching and waiting ! Have a great race!

Amanda said...

Watching you and wishing you the best out there!!!!

Amanda said...

Tracked you all day and I am so incredibly proud of you. Not only did you finish your second IM, but you PR'd. Not only did you PR, you completely smashed that 14 hour goal!!!