Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My 2013 Ironman Adventure Story

Normally, I do my own storytelling around here. However, this time I will share someone else's words about me. Jon Walk, a local writer and sports enthusiast (among other things) wrote a story about me for Ironman.com's pre-race coverage of Ironman Texas. The story can be found at this link here.

While I would generally just prefer to live my own life under the radar, I have had to acknowledge in recent months that my story can be an inspirational one. If just one personal can find some inspiration that they can overcome their problems and go forward, then I will consider this story a success.

Thank you to the author, Jon Walk, for giving a lot of personal time to put this story together.

The full version of the story can be found here on Jon's personal blog.

For those waiting to read how the race went, I'll be working on my race report soon.


Amanda said...

Loved your story and so proud of you for another great race!!!

Rae! said...

Awesome !!