Sunday, June 30, 2013

Recovery, Readjustment and Return

The last month has been one of recovery, readjustment and return. I have continued my recovery from Ironman Texas while maintaining my training at lower than the pre-race level in an active recovery mode. I have been readjusting to getting some things back on track at work and home, where some time sacrifices were made for training over recent months. Finally, I have been trying to bring my life back to normal. The return to normalcy has been difficult, mostly because it has been a long time coming. Before Ironman recovery there was Ironman training; before Ironman training there was physical therapy; before physical therapy there was injury recovery; before injury recovery there was hospitalization; and before hospitalization.....well, I was in the final weeks of training for an "A" effort race. So, normalcy has been a long ways off for a long while.

My life has been on hold in one other way for a couple months as well. I have taken the opportunity to apply for a new job position with a new agency. While I would be content to remain where I am for the foreseeable future and beyond, the opportunity came my way (almost like a barreling 18 wheeler truck) to apply for a dream job position that would enable me to have a much greater positive effect within my industry on a regional basis (plus, the pay would represent a pretty sizable increase in salary-which would help me provide longer term security for my family). This is pretty much a once in a lifetime opportunity for a unique position. In any case, I know I am a strong candidate for the position and others in the industry tell me I have to be one of the upper tier candidates for the position. On the other hand, I know there are at least one or two others who present an equally compelling case for the job as well, so it will be a tough job to secure. After interviewing last week I was told to expect at least two weeks before additional information on the process would be available to the candidates applying for the position. This leaves me waiting in limbo for the moment on this as I try to be ready to help my current employer be ready to find a replacement without also wanting to alienate them in the mean time. I'll likely post something more on this in a future post after I know more information.

As I look forward, I am two weekends out from a sprint triathlon race at the Texas Star Triathlon. It was at this race last year that I won my age group for the first time ever--the first of three last year before my injury. I will be looking to see how close I am in coming back from my injuries when I see how my time compares to last year. So far I can feel that I am still not fully recovered from Ironman Texas, though I can see improvement with each passing week. So until that race, it is just more of the same for me--recovery, readjustment and return...

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Amanda said...

Even if the dream job doesn't turn out to be meant to be, it never hurts to keep the interview skills sharp a resume up to date ;)