Sunday, December 29, 2013

Catching Up

I've fallen behind in my race reports and want to catch up before finishing out the year.

Back in mid-November I did the Conroe Turkey Trot. This was the goal race for a group I volunteer with called Healthy Youth. For the past school semester our group has been working with junior high students to teach the to run a 5K and to also teach them healthy life habits. This was our third group and was once again a big success. During the 5K I ran with several of the students and kept them motivated. As I did this I finished my race in 24:42 and also finished first in my age group.

Early in December I completed a 20K trail run in Huntsville State Park in 2:20. This fell just short of a PR for me, but I ran this race for fun and not to be fast, which was perfectly fine with me.

Hopefully, now that I've caught up I can stay better on track with my blog in the future.

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Amanda said...

More nice races. I hope that I can start getting back in the swing of things too as I look ahead to 2014.