Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Into Transition

What does "Into Transition" mean?

It seems to describe a lot in my life right now.

My wife and I are looking at being empty nesters in the future with our youngest currently being a high school senior. So, I have been transitioning into life without my children around since the oldest went to college. It will sure be different with both of them gone in the future!

I have recently started a new job after 17 years at my previous employer. There were several reasons to leave--and a couple good reasons not to--but I landed the type of management job I have been hoping to get for a few years. Ideally, I would have found this job after my youngest had gone off to college (see above paragraph), but life is rarely ideal. There really is something special about being in the position where YOU are the one who calls the shots!

Starting last December I went on a program to lose the 80 or so extra pounds I have gained over quite a few years. Since then, I have run 5K and 10 K races, plus a half-marathon (appropriately enough on April 1st). I have dramatically improved my conditioning, even if I have only dropped about 10 pounds. I run weekly with my local USA Fit chapter, Woodlands Fit to train for the Houston Half Marathon next January, plus a few other events along the way. After the Houston Half Marathon, I will be looking through 2008's triathlon season (yet another "transition" reference) here in Texas to advance my training.

While I hope this blog will mostly be about my triathlon and running training, it will still be about the other transitions in my life also. I take my inspiration from the many bloggers out there writing about their running, their training and their lives in general...especially Steve "Runner" who puts out the Phedippidations podcast who told me to "write it down" a while ago. Thanks, Steve!

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