Sunday, February 1, 2009

Remission Run

This past Saturday I ran the Bill Crews Remission Run 5K .

The story of the Remission Run:
On January 26, 2004, Dr. Rick Hagemeister walked into the exam room at the Lymphoma Clinic at MD Anderson Cancer Center and smiled at his patient Bill Crews as he said, "You're in complete remission".

Those are the words every cancer patient longs to hear. Even better will be the day when every cancer patient hears "You are cured." Until that day comes, Bill, his family, his friends and many thousands of others continue to fight in the war against cancer.

To celebrate FIVE years of remission, the Crews family and their friends are hosting the first ever Bill Crews Remission Run to celebrate health & life, to raise awareness about lymphoma and other cancers, and to raise funds for the Hagemeister Research Fund.


It was a cold morning with frost still on the ground when I arrived at the park. As I got ready for the race, I tried to stay in the sunlight to stay a little bit warmer. The race first took us around the ball parks and back to the lake, from there we ran about 1.7 miles on a local trail. The trail was a little bit tight in places but was well marked and well maintained. After the trail it was a quick tenth of a mile back to the finish line. I startted out a bit fast for the first mile and then held back my pace a bit to a maintainable pace until I hit the trail. From that point on my trail pace was a bit slower, but I made good time (for me) on the trail. In the end my final time was 60 seconds than than my PR (33:19) for the 5K distance -- which is really good considering the slower running on trails.

Next up, the half marathon in Austin on February 15th. My knee injury from a few weeks ago is still nagging me slightly with a bit of stiffness, but seems to be slowly healing completely.

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christyzee said...

very nice blog...keep up the good work! You are able to do one thing I have always longed to do, run! my body was never set up to be a runner, so I will have to enjoy from a distance.