Monday, February 9, 2009

Spring Creek Greenway Project

What is the Spring Creek Greenway Project?

The Spring Creek Greenway will connect and protect up to 12,000 acres of forest, on both sides of the creek, in order to preserve, protect, restore, and educate the public about an ecological gem - a biologically diverse ecosystem that provides important habitat for many wildlife species, and aims to create an ecotourism mecca and a peaceful respite from busy urban lives for those from Houston or even nationwide. [OK, OK...I lifted all that from their website.]

Lastg weekend I ran several miles aong a local portion of trails at a local section of the Spring Creek Greenway Project known as the George Mitchell Nature Preserve. It included about 2 miles of running (walking) trails [yellow and green on the map] and 3 miles of biking trails [orange/brown on the map].

I happened upon the entrance while riding my bike past the entrance a few weeks ago. I had never noticed it while driving down the same road over the last year. Overall it seemed a nice, if a bit short, section of trail. It included a drop near a local lake bed and there may be opportunities to witness animals wandering around at times. I may try to get some photos in the future for posting. This location is about 3 miles from my home, so it may be a good location for an out, trail and back run, or for a bike out there, trail run, and return bike exercise sessions [I don't have a mountain/trail bike].

One thing is for certain, I will return to run here again!

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