Friday, December 4, 2009

Snowy Friday

Growing up in south Texas generally means warm winters and seeing snow on the television while hearing stories of the white stuff falling from the sky from transplanted northerners.

Today was the exception to the rule, a cold front coming in from the northwest met moisture and rain pushing up from the Gulf of Mexico and created a snowy band for about 120 miles inland for most of the day. Normally, the snow I've witnessed here would hardly qualify as snow for many, just being small light flakes but today I saw big fluffy flakes for the first time in 30 some years I have been in Texas.

This photo was taken out of my car window while going back to my office from lunch. I was stopped at the time, the white streaks are becasue the snow was falling fast.

However, true to form, very little acumulated on the ground and it never got cold enough to see snow sticking to anything other than isolated parked car. I was nice to get to see a real taste of winter up close, but it'll be even nice to not have to worry about snow covered roads as I drive out to Austin tomorrow for Sunday's half marathon.


Jeff W. said...

Hi Richard,

Looking forward to hearing how your personal marathon outing goes over the 12/13.

Trace Jennings from the Disney Dudes sent me a picture of snow from the Dallas area earlier in the week. Texas and snow...just does not seem right to me.

Amanda said...

That's almost like snow in AZ - which I have seen here in the valley a long time ago :)!

Hope the race went well!