Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January's ups and down....

January was full of ups and downs for me.

The ups were really good. First, I got to spend 10 days in Walt Disney World. Second, I had the most fantastic experience running the Goofy Challenge. Third, my total running miles for the month of January were the most I have had for any month since 2007. Finally, my weight hit its lowest point over something like the last 10 years.

However, there are still some downs along with these ups. First, my weight didn’t stay at that low point and went back up several pounds after the middle of the month. In fairness I did end the month down 1.1 pounds (from 211.5 to 210.4) and even with this month being below expectations I am at least still on the downward track from a high of 263 early in this weight loss process. Second, I decided to sit out the Austin Marathon. After coming off of doing a Half Ironman, 2 marathons and 2 half marathons in a 77 day period, I am uncharacteristically taking some well timed rest before pursuing half marathon and Half Ironman PRs later this Spring. Third, I came back home from Disney World, of course this is not really a “down” but it’s just hard to stay up after coming home from Disney World. Fourth, it has taken me a couple weeks to get back into training mode following the Disney races. I’m not sure if this was for lack of having a registered race on the schedule or because I just needed the mental and physical break, but I have at least regained that motivation to move forward again. Finally, and the hardest hitting down is that my youngest daughter is making serious talk about moving out soon. While I can’t agree with her motivation right now, she obviously (at 19) has every right to make that decision, and it’s a tougher emotional blow than I would have expected it to be (Maybe when I feel a little better about it I will realize that I should then have more money available for my running and racing!).

In addition to my other goals, my special goal for February will be to just feel like I am getting back on track for the rest of 2010, and for a return to the Disney races in early 2011.


Rae! said...

I can relate with you. My oldest is 17, and talk is rolling around moving to his Dads. Wow! What?!? I thought I would be happy.

Things will turn around.

Amanda said...

The daughter thinking of moving out is tough. That's unfortunately part of parenthood and you'll get through it.

As for the break - good for you. My goodness you've been go, go, go for a long time this last year and a break will refresh the body and mind.

Keep your goals in sight and you'll get that motivation back in no time.