Monday, February 8, 2010

Movin’ Right Along…

This month seems to be just moving along at warp speed to me. It’s already the 6th week of the year and time keeps flying by. I don’t really have an organized topic to write on today, so I’ll just throw out a few varied items today.

I’m back into pushing my triathlon training. The Lone Star 70.3 is 11 weeks away and now is the time for me to kick up the training. I haven’t be really going any long distances while swimming since October, but I have been maintaining my distances swam and have picked up some speed since then, so I will be working on some increasingly longer swims coming up. I rode my longest bike ride (25.2 miles) since Thanksgiving this past weekend, and need to keep pushing this upward over through March. My running has been my most consistent training lately—thanks mostly to the Goofy Challenge races—and I have kept up my training distances to a decent length since then, too. This weekend’s run felt particularly good for me—it was one of those runs where I felt loose and comfortable pretty much the whole run, plus I ran more than a minute/mile faster than my average long run. However most of all, for a few scattered moments during this run, I felt that I had just slightly recaptured the feeling of running that I had when I was in my 20’s and could have run a solid pace all day.

This weekend I registered for the Run Wild Half Marathon in Houston on February 21st, with good weather that day I’ll be trying to push for a PR that day.

I have signed up for a day of volunteer service under Disney’s “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day” program so I can earn a free park ticket for my Labor Day Half Marathon trip to Disneyland.

I am looking forward to tonight’s meeting of the Houston Racing and Triathlon Club where the race directors from various races will talk about many of the local triathlons. Hopefully, I will even be lucky enough to save a few dollars by winning a free race entry. (Actually, I did win a free race entry; as Murphy's Law would have it I won an entry to the Clear Lake Olympic Triathlon in August, which was the site of a complete debacle of a triathlon for me.On the plus side for this race, the RD announced that the road that caused my two flat tires will be removed from this year's route!)

I had to skip today’s swim workout due to demands of both my full-time job and my volunteer “job”. The downside is that the stress of these really made me want to get that workout done, but it will not be happening today. Tomorrow will unfortunately be more stressful, so I will try to get in an early morning workout to work off some of this stress.

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints for winning the Superbowl last night. I’m not really much of a Saints fan, but after all the history that team has endured it’s nice to see them succeed for once.


Rae! said...

I agree, time is moving at warp speed. Are you open water swimming or in the pool? The water temp here is to cold w/o a wetsuit and my wetsuit is way to big for me. I have been in a pool. My swimming is suffering.
That's awesome you got a great run in. Isn't that a wonderful feeling, specially when you least expect it?
Your race is qualifier for Clear water,fl. After you finish, go to the roll down.;)

Amanda said...

The year is flying by and that's good and bad for me. It sounds like you're pretty much on target with your training and I know you're going to do awesome. I've been looking for half marathon in the next couple of months and hope I can find something locally as I'd like to test how my training is going :)!

Good luck and keep going.