Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Taking Stock of March

I've had a lot of stress and problems at work this month, continuing through today big-time. However, all this considered, there were ways that March was pretty good to me.

Well, March turned out to be suspiciously similar to last September in how things went in my training, which not so coincidentally was also the month leading up to my last 70.3 tri, just like March is leading up to my late April 70.3.

I racked up 238.4 total training miles, most of them obviously on my bike (including the second highest monthly bike miles and most swimming miles I have ever done in a month), bringing me up to 486.7 total miles for the year for combined training miles. Better still, I was able to lose 6.0 miles this month, and also 8.6 pounds for the year. I was down an additional 2.2 pounds that I regained with a bad diet week last week, but I can't really complain about it considering I still made good progress overall. Hopefully the passing of the Easter season will see less temptations by easily available chocolate.

April is going to bring 2 events to me. First is the Muddy Trails 10K this coming weekend, where I expect to set a 10K PR, pending the actual trail conditions. Second will be the Lone Star 70.3 in Galveston on the last Sunday of the month, where I also expect to set a PR. Time will tell as to whether or not I can set those PRs.

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Amanda said...

Work...Stress...Seem to go hand in hand for most of us lately.

Sounds like March was pretty good to you in terms of training. Great job!

Not so bad on the diet front either. Nothing wrong with those numbers.

April is going to be an exciting month event-wise. Can't wait to hear about the races.