Sunday, April 18, 2010

In the last week I have done the last of my long runs, rides and swims in preparation for next weekend Half Ironman effort. Now I am left to rest this week and only do enough training to make sure I do not take a step backward in my fitness level. With all the hard training done, I can look forward to next Sunday's race event.

Last October I first ran the half Ironman distance in the Austin Longhorn 70.3, with a time of 7:58:38. My goal is to beat that last time and set a new PR. Given the continued improvement in my training, this is not only possible but (barring some unexpected problems) the new PR is expected.

I think my busy work schedule this coming week also benefits me, as I will have tons of stuff to keep me busy at work and to distract me from worrying about next weekend. It is my busiest week of the month as I prepare for the following Monday's monthly Board of Directors meeting. Once I am done with those preparations this Friday, I can also turn my complete attention fully towards the triathlon.


Mistyfied said...

good luck this weekend. I will be out there cheering you on Sunday. You will acheive your goal of a new PR, I am sure of it.

Rae! said...

I know how you feel. This week will go by super fast or drag.
I can't wait!!!!

Amanda said...

Hope your week went well and I can't wait to hear about the race!