Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lone Star Half Ironman Quick Report

I'll post a proper race report in a few days when I have some recovery days behind me, but until then here is a very quick wrap-up. I finished a tough day in 7:52:07 today. It turned out to be hotter than normal, it was windy and my heart rate never settled into its normal range and stayed high throughout the whole race.

However, I had a fantastic overall experience and I still set a PR by over 6 minutes (although it seems that the official time is nearly 2 minutes slower than my watch time, so I am not sure what happened there as I never stopped the watch and I don't remember seeing it stopped and restarting it, but I'll give that one some thought).


Amanda said...

Congrats on the PR...Sounds like a bit of a rough race, but you pulled through. Can't wait to read the full report!

Rae! said...

You went from bitter cold race to hot one!!!

Richard said...

Good point, Rae. I have definitely seen a few extremes this year already.