Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Track Night 7/20/10

Tuesday night means an hour at the track with OutRival Racing. Tonight's weather was warm and humid, though not hot due to some rains and cloud cover earlier in the day.

Tonight's workout (after an extended warm up period) was a 2 mile time trial, which I ran in 17:48 at a fairly steady pace throughout as each half mile split was within 6 seconds of the average pace. I ran this same run about a month ago and was 9 seconds faster but with a higher heart rate.

Overall, I'd have been happier to have beaten the previous time (just my competitive nature, I guess!), however I have to be happy to repeat a workout with an average pace under 9 minute miles.


Amanda said...

There's nothing wrong with that time. Remember conditions vary from day to day so you did awesome! You're getting fast...I'm jealous!

Richard said...

No, Amanda, nothing wrong with that time at all! In fact, my previous time a few weeks back was well beyond my expectations, doing almost the same time again means it is real. I can still remember just hoping I could make the cutoff in my first half-marathon effort back in 2007, so I have come a long way since then, but I still remember what that is like and appreciate what I can do now.