Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Track Night 7/27/10

Tonight's track night felt like a breakthrough performance for me on a night that was not quite as hot as normal, though definitely a very humid, steamy night. I ran a set of 1600 - 1200 - 600 - 300 on a school track, with 2 - 3 minutes of recovery jogging between each set. All running was to stay below lactate threshold heart rate. My surprise was an 8:09 1600 meters (mile), a speed I likely have not seen around 20 years, and afterwards I maintained a steady 9 min/mile pace through the balance of the running part of the workout.

I certainly consider this workout to be showing me a breakthrough after I have been at a training plateau for a good while.

I celebrated with a small serving of lowfat frozen yogurt and granola at Orange Leaf .

Coming up tomorrow are 2400 yard swim and 60 minute bike workouts.

Longhorn IM 70.3 Countdown...82 days to go!


Jeff & Heather said...

Nice job Richard! that's some awesome speed gain!

Amanda said...

Wow - you are doing so good. I am a bit jealous. Do you think you could bottle some of your motivation and send it to me...I could sure use some of whatever you've been doing :)!