Monday, November 8, 2010

Iron Star Triathlon

Due to some technical difficulites (i.e. the untimely crashing of my laptop computer while I was watching the IM Florida webcast Saturday night), the race report will have to wait. However, I can go ahead and give you some basics.

I finished in 7:07:43 (a PR by 44:24!). My swim time was 39:55, which astounded me as my previous best swim time in a half iron race was 53:49. My bike ride was a slightly disappointing 3:30:45. However on a hilly and windy course this still beat my previous half iron best time of 3:33:08. More importantly, since I was going by heart rate I did not go too hard on the bike and saved some energy for the run (which has been my previous downfall at this distance). I posted a 2:48:59 run time (which beat my previous best half iron run of 3:09:22 from my first half iron race, unlike the swim and bike times which were from my second half iron race).
So this race is not only my new half iron PR, but also reflects my fastest time for each event within the half iron race.

My post race day celebrations will inlcude a Chick-fil-A shake and a McRib sandwhich today as a bit of personal reward for a hard fought race effort.


Rae! said...

Nice!!! But a Mcrib?? My arteries are screaming!!

I didn't get to watch IMFL. I heard that Miami was a disaster.SO much so they are offering those who were in it free entry to another race. And they may not come back here. I was at work, so I didn't get to volunteer.

I found the course for IM official. The clinic is here in May. I was thinking of taking it. ;)

Richard said...

OK, Rae; I did skip out on the McRib and had a soup and salad lunch over at Jason's Deli so as not to completely wreck my diet, but I did stay with the Chick-fil-A milkshake, which was fantastic!

Amanda said...

Awesome job Richard!!!!