Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Recap

This will just be a short post to cover my month of February.

The month marked the second month of my Ironman training program. So far, so good, is an accurate assessment of my Ironman training progress. My training has seen some ups and downs, but so far I have been able to keep with my training program, despite a few aches and pains. In February I swam 16.70 miles (an increase from 14.86 miles in January) and ran 90.71 miles (compared to 103.85 miles in January). I did not track all of my bike miles due to spending some of my bike time on a trainer or spin bike instead of riding on the road; however based upon the training time I estimate around 421 bike miles during the month (compared with 325 bike miles during January). My mileage in each of swimming and biking is the most I have done in a single calendar month, while my running totals are pretty close to last month, especially considering the fact that February is a short month. All of my hard work did not go unrewarded as I continued to lose some weight, dropping under 190 lbs (187.6 lbs on March 1 weigh-in) for the first time since late 1991/early 1992.

Finally, I will enjoy a unique diversion in early March as I run the 203 mile Texas Independence Relay with a team of 12 this weekend, and then I start to look forward to my pre-Ironman tune-up race--the Kemah International Distance Triathlon 4 weeks later.

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Amanda said...

Another awesome month. Glad to hear you are having success. Can't wait to hear about your distractions and tune up race :)!