Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ironman Texas 2011

My day at IMTX was full of problems--and a full race report will be forthcoming....eventually. However for now here is all you need to know: I completed Ironman Texas 2011 in 16:35:49!


Amanda said...

Sorry to hear the day was full of problems, but still so proud and impressed that you made it through those issues and finished!!!

Adrienne said...

Congratulations! It's those rough races that make us most proud in the end.

Rae! said...

You survived!! I walked the entire Magic Kingdom, cause I was worried I was going to miss you finishing! I walked the long way. E was so surprised I wouldn't ride anything. We were on pirates and I lost signal. I about came up out of the boat when I realized that!! When I saw That someone posted on fb you finished and a pic I was jumping up and down, near space mountain a 2nd time around. People look at me and I was yelling Richard is an Ironman!! What a nail bitter, at the end!!! I was getting worried. And the page wasn't updating as fast as I wanted it too!!