Sunday, May 1, 2011

IMTX Training Week 17

This was Week 17 of Ironman Texas Training. This week was the last of the big training weeks and ended the final build phase of my 20 week training program.

Here is how this past week of training breaks down:

Swim - 10,100 yards, 3:58:09
Bike - 100.24 miles on trainer and roads, 6:00:18
Run - 32.40 miles, 6:31:32
Other - stretching specific or other training workout, including race transition times, 0:30:00

Overall training time: 16:59:59

Yes, that was my actual total time. Just think I could have a 17 hour week if I only worked out 1 second longer. ;-) This week was my third-longest workout week in terms of time trained, although this was definitely a better week than the second-longest week of training time.

This was another good week in terms of how I felt about my overall performance in training. I felt I was stronger and faster in each sport this week--even when my bike training ride on the race course was into a strong wind I was able to hold my goal pace without blowing up my heart rate. I definitely went through this last build week tired most of the time, but I was still able to find the effort level to put out good workouts for those times where I was exercising. I did have a one hour bike workout that I canceled due to tiredness early in the week, but aside from that it was a good week. Mostly it was the rest of my life that had to deal with the "tired all the time" version of me.

Next week is the beginning of the pre-race taper period. I am so excited that I can hardly believe the race is finally getting here!! Of course, I already know my coach's thoughts of a pre-race taper are far more active than what I would schedule--then again she has gotten me this far, so I will be staying on-plan through the race.

I can tell that I am far from the only one concentrating on the short time left before race day. Yesterday there were quite a few others riding most or all of the Ironman Texas bike course, and I had the opportunity to chat with a few other cyclists from around the greater Houston area. Today I ran with some local friends on a good portion of the Ironman Texas run course and saw a lot of runners dressed in various tri gear practicing their on-course running.

Only 20 days until Ironman Texas.....

.....and I am ready!

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Amanda said...

It's so awesome that you've been able to train on the actual course. That's going to give you such a huge confidence boost on race day!

You have done such a great job during this whole thing. I think the tiredness is to be expected and you're preparing mentally to be able to push through that tiredness during the race.

Keep it going Richard - you're almost there!