Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Training Recap

Here is my recap for a very tiring month of April which was, as expected, even more tiring than the month of March.

Total Swim Distance 38,740 yards (22.01 miles) in 15:02:46
Total Bike Distance 431.09 miles (including spin bike sessions) in 27:40:40
Total Run Distance 100.93 miles in 20:38:17
Total Training Distance 554.03 miles (wow!)

The end of April nearly coincides with the end of the main portion of my training program with the pre-race taper beginning after the May 1st run workout. Next month's schedule begins with tapering my way into the Ironman Texas race. Part of me feels like it is about time the race got here and part of me can hardly believe it is almost here. My main observation about my April training is that even though I was quite often tired, I also seemed to be able to find the energy to put together faster workouts.

Instead of an end of month summary for May, I hope to post a summary for the 20 week training program which began on January 1, 2011.

21 days left until Ironman Texas....

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Amanda said...

Wow - now those are some impressive training miles! Very impressive!

Can't wait to hear your training recap and am even more excited to see how the race is going to go!