Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hitting the Training Wall

I am hitting the end of the final build phase of my training this week--and I sure can feel it. I feel as if I have hit a wall and am still pushing to go right through it.

It's no longer just waking up tired most of the time, these last two weeks I have slept through my alarm more than once (and had to move a morning workout to a time later in the day). However, when the actual workout comes along, I seem to have no problem setting aside (mentally and physically) everything else in order to put together a quality workout.

I go through these strange phases where I have no hunger, and then am starved to the point of almost not being able to be satiated, and then go a long period without being hungry again.

After several weeks of feeling just about perfect I seem to be having the occasional aches and pains that are fairly typical of training. If anything I should probably be surprised that my body has held up this well for this long. Over these last few months I have gotten my body into the best conditioning it has had for close to 20 years, if not a few years longer, and have had a minimal amount of problems along the way. However, I may be reaching as far as I can go before the cumulative effects of my training program begin to weigh me down. My response this week has been to pull out any trick I can think of to help out--squeeze in some more sleep, greater use of compression gear, ice bath, whirlpool treatment, massage appointment later this week food overall and eating more quality. In addition, my coach and I have selectively skipped a couple workouts to try to avoid hitting that over-training point that might cause actual injury. I should also try to keep in mind the positives I have gained over this training period already. These include making new friends and training partners, losing 20-25 pounds that moved me off of a stubborn weight loss plateau that I had been near previously and gaining great confidence in my abilities to swim, bike and run anywhere at anytime.

Next week starts my pre-race taper period. Although my training will start to reduce, I suspect it will hardly be a restful week. More likely it will just be a bit less intense and not quite so long as recent weeks, but that is still a start.

I think the key thing for me to remember right now is that my training is mental preparation as well as physical preparation. Theses tough periods will help make sure that I have the right mental preparation for a long race day. How long? Well, that is a question that will be answered in 24 days......

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Amanda said...

Hang in there Richard! I think everything you are feeling is pretty normal after this intense training plan you've been on. Aches and pains will show up now and ease as you taper. Mentally the taper will be tough as you'll have more time to doubt and worry, but you have to be confident that you've done your best and that you will strong and healthy come race day. I know you know all this already, but figured it wouldn't hurt to tell you again :)!

Keep your chin up and keep remembering all those great things you've done and what more you have left to accomplish and how great you're going to do!