Sunday, April 10, 2011

IMTX Training - Weeks 13 & 14

Due to my other blog posts last week (and my busy schedule) I am reporting on the last 2 weeks of training in this single blog post.

Two weeks back was Week 13 of Ironman Texas Training. This week was leading into the Kemah International Triathlon on the last day of the training week.

Here is how this past week of training breaks down:

Swim - 7,640 yards, 2:56:17
Bike - 47.8 miles on trainer and roads, 2:45:34
Run - 19.2 miles, 3:36:01
Other - stretching specific or other training workout, including race transition times, 0:44:49

Overall training time: 10:02:41, which includes race time.

If it were up to me, I would have put together a regular training week and gone through the motions of the race at the upper end of my heart rate training zone and been happy to call it practice. However, my coach had other ideas. She assigned me a decreasing schedule for the week leading into the race, and then told me to "go for it!" I did as she told me and was happy with a 12+ minute PR, over 10 minutes of which was improved run time--not to mention setting a 10K run PR on the run portion of the triathlon.

Week 14 began with some recovery time as I got back into training following the race at Kemah.
Swim - 6,100 yards, 2:25:17
Bike - 102.55 miles on trainer and roads, 6:29:47
Run - 12.0 miles, 2:40:50
Other - stretching specific or other training workout, 0:15:00

Overall training time: 11:50:54

Generally speaking, I end this week feeling much better than I started it. My coach dropped one running workout due to my fatigue levels late in the week. I also got a bit more rest when I had to cut my Sunday long run from 10.0 miles to 7.25 miles due to a minor emergency at my father's house (a plumbing repair which I was able to remedy for him). I considered a second run later in the day to finish out my 10 miles, although in the end I decided not to do so as I would hate to push myself and cause an inadvertent injury.

So, now I am heading into Week 15 looking at my longest training week yet. Among this week's assigned workouts are my longest run to date for this program (17 miles) and another 112 mile bike ride--this time a semi-supported team bike ride on the entire IMTX course. I guess you will have to check back here in a week to see if I survive!

41 days until Ironman Texas!

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Amanda said...

No worries, you're going to do more than survive this week - you're going to excel as usual.

That's a busy couple of weeks. Glad the coach is pulling back when you need to!