Friday, April 1, 2011

March Totals

Here is my very brief recap for a very tiring month of March (as I look forward to an even more tiring month of April!).

Total Swim Distance 32,800 yards (18.64 miles)
Total Bike Distance 359.15 miles (including spin bike sessions)
Total Run Distance 111.11 miles
Total Training Distance 488.90 miles (wow!)

Next month's schedule includes increasingly long training runs and a bike ride of the complete Ironman Texas course, plus a lot of swimming as well. If I am fortunate enough to survive the month of April, it will be just about time to start the pre-race taper period.....


Amanda said...

Amazing March! You're not only going to survive April, you're going to come out stronger, more confident and ready for one heck of a big race!

Mistyfied said...

Great race this past weekend.