Sunday, April 24, 2011

IMTX Training Week 16

This was Week 16 of Ironman Texas Training. This week is to be the next to last of my heavier training weeks before entering the taper period.

Here is how this past week of training breaks down:

Swim - 10,400 yards, 3:52:18
Bike - 94.20 miles on trainer and roads, 5:12:31
Run - 24.82 miles, 5:19:32
Other - stretching specific or other training workout, including race transition times, 0:00:00

Overall training time: 14:24:21

This was my best week so far in terms of how I felt about my overall performance in training. I felt I was stronger and faster in each sport this week--I even swam 700 more yards more than last week in less time this week. I really would have thought that my overall time for training would have been higher, but I think a large part of that is that almost every workout was done in less time than expected this past week. In some ways I really feel like everything is beginning to come together for me in this training program! I am still frequently tired, but I seem to be able to dig down inside and find the strength to pull out the effort needed for each workout. Fortunately, I am also feeling generally healthy as I have gotten to this point; I have occasional aches and pains, but no real injuries.

Still it was not a perfect week, I missed a bike workout early in the week when I was so tired I slept through my alarm the second day in a row (fortunately I managed to get up a bit late the previous day and still got that workout in). I think my coach took this as a sign that I needed the rest and did not want me to make it up later in the week. Best of all, I was still able to schedule around my anniversary and have a great night out with my wife, who had been very tolerant of my training schedule so far even though I know she would like to see more of me these days.

Next week is the last building training week of my program before beginning the pre-race taper period. I am so excited that I can hardly believe the race is finally getting here!!

I am 80% done with my training and have 27 days until Ironman Texas.....


Amanda said...

Oh wow - you are under a month to race day! That seems almost impossible - didn't you just get started?

I'm sure it feels like you've been through a long training program, but look at how far you've come. You've been doing such an awesome job.

Enjoy another hard week as you look forward to the taper and upcoming race!!!

Richard said...

Amanda, in a strange sort of way it does seem hard to believe that the race is that close--even if I have been watching the countdown clock the whole time!
I do plan to enjoy this week and see how hard I can reasonably (and I do mean reasonably) push myself as well.