Sunday, August 28, 2011

(Man's) Best Friend's Birthday!

One of the things that got pushed aside in Ironman training earlier this year was doing extra things with Coco, my Golden Retriever. Since then this summer has been hot enough that it also limited our outside activity a lot. Recently, I have been feeling bad that I have not been spending enough outside time with her. Since her 11th birthday is this week, I decided I needed to make the time to do something.

Today we spent an hour at the local dog park. It was 102 degrees at 6 pm, but we went and tried to play easy. Mostly playing easy meant Coco got pet by people, one of her favorite activities, and laid around in the wading pool, which is another one of her favorite activities. Afterwards, I tried to get her a bit dry by letting her poke around in other areas of the dog park and she seemed to enjoy her time exploring for a while and then playing a bit with other dogs.

At times she still has the heart and wonder of a puppy, but sometimes I can see the years catching up with her. However, the look of pure joy that came over her face when she saw me holding the leash before we left was enough for me to know this was going to be a good outing for us both--and it was!

Happy Birthday, Coco!


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Coco!!!!

What a sweet girl. She looks so happy in that pool.

My babies are tired of summer, they haven't been out walking or running for quite some time because one of my girls is prone to heat illnesses.

Glad you both had a good outing!

Rae! said...

Beautiful dog. My little guy is also tired of the heat. He loves to be in the backyard.He hangs out with the others here in the back through the fence. When it cools off again, he will be back out there!!