Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge Part 5

Well, this is the wrap up post following my Walt Disney World Goofy Experience. I think I am pretty sure by this point that I will have spent more time blogging about the Goofy Challenge than actually running the Goofy Challenge!

Saturday's half marathon was my 11th half marathon (not counting the run part of the Longhorn 70.3) and it was also my second slowest half marathon time at 2:58:48. Obviously, I spent a good amount of time stopped for photo opportunities and that slowed me down some, but I purposefully ran a slower average pace because completing Sunday's run was far more important having than a fast time on Saturday.

Sunday's marathon was my 2nd full marathon and was my slowest at 6:17:45. I felt good going into the start of the marathon, although my legs took a few miles to really get going--but I can't really say whether that was due to yesterday's run or the bitter cold weather. After looking back at my timing information I was very pleased to see that I ran the marathon with a 2:59 negative split!! That's right, I ran the last 13.1 miles nearly 3 minutes faster than the first 13.1 miles. That maybe shouldn't have been too surprising to me, as I felt great for most of the race and really enjoyed the whole day once I got moving in the morning.

Other than completing these combined races, my most important goal was to have fun. I had told some friends some time back that my goal was to feel like I was part of some fantastic 39.3 mile party the whole time. Well, the weather was wet, cold, windy and miserable for much of the runs (well, only wet on Saturday), but I still finished feeling like I had enjoyed the race of a lifetime--that I had been granted my wish to just thoroughly and completely enjoy the process throughout both days. For anyone who might even be tempted to do the Goofy Challenge, or even "just" the half or full marathon at Disney, I say "Go for it!!!" For me it felt like a once in a lifetime running experience and may never be equalled.

I am now left with just two questions to answer to myself about the Goofy Challenge:
1. When do I get myself back there again? (even next year?), and
2. How do I top this recent experience?

(and there is a photo of Goofy and I coming to complete the collection, but I won't have it for at least another week)


Amanda said...

I am do glad that you had such a great race experience. I am going to take a cue from you and go in to this not for the times, but to really enjoy the experience and soak up the atmosphere. I thik that's the right way to approach a challenge like this and it definitely seems to have worked well for you!

Good luck choosing the next great adventure and sure hope to see you at another Disney race soon!

Albert said...


Thanks for the comment on my post on the "Goofy Running" site. I'm glad I found your blog. I enjoyed reading all about your Goofy 2010 experience. Hope to meet you there in 2011.

Albert (albertruns.blogspot)

Rae! said...

Yes reading your trip reports, sound awesome. I myself can not wait to do it again next year. My goal is to get faster so I can stop, and get the photo opps and maybe a ride on the great Everest!!

Have you tried any short distance yet?? 2 miles for me, and my legs feel heavy and sluggish.

Love the photos.

Jeff & Heather said...

It's awesome that you had so much fun! Congrats you Goofy guy!!