Monday, January 11, 2010

Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge Part 1

My recent trip was a wonderfully busy time combing a family vacation trip with my running the Disney World Goofy Challenge Race, which is a combination of the Disney World Half Marathon and Marathon Races on consecutive days. Obviously the big highlight of the trip was crossing the marathon finish line, and thus completing the 39.3 mile Goofy Challenge, by jumping over it for joy (sure hope the professional photographers got that one), after that another real highlight of this trip was meeting up with many online friends, whom I have known online for some time now but had never met in person. Some are fellow bloggers, some are podcasters and some are fellow WISH Team members, of course they were all also fellow Disney fanatics. I am glad to say they all seemed as wonderful in person as they have to me through our online relationships.

It’s going to take a long time to be able to sum up my 10 day trip and it will take multiple blog entries to do so, after I figure out how I want to organize them and get my pictures developed (I used a disposable camera for the on-course race photos.). For now, this post will serve as a trip report preface and you can see my post race photo with Mickey and all my race medals above.

We spent 10 days at Disney World in cold weather that at times was positively bone-chilling and was only reaching mild for a few brief intervals. Even so, we had a good time and I already can’t wait to start planning my next trip. OK, to be more accurate I have been mentally planning the next trip for a while. So, maybe it’s fairer to say that I can’t wait to start formalizing those plans.


Amanda said...

Love the picture...I picked up a picture of Donald, Mickey and Goofy and one of Walt and the castle for motivation for the Goofy.

Can't wait to hear more about your race experience!

Richard said...

Amanda, I saw that piece at the Downtown Disney Art of Disney store and just "had" to have it. I was really there to pick up something for a friend as a thank you gift, which I got as well.

More of the Goofy experience posts will be coming for a while. There is just so much ground to cover from this trip--pun not intended.