Sunday, April 15, 2012

Peaking Training

With a little less than 5 weeks remaining until Ironman Texas, I am in the midst of the peak training cycle of my training.

This past week included 9900 yards of swimming in 3:42:31, I spent 8:22:08 on cycling training (which included a group 112.3 mile ride, most of which was on the new Ironman Texas course, and I also spent 5:47:54 covering 33.28 miles of run training (including a 17.6 mile long run). Counting the additional time spent on some stretching workouts, I put in my biggest week of Ironman training with a total of 18:07:33.

The sum total of these workouts is beginning to wear me down mentally at times, but this is also part of the overall preparation for Ironman--to be mentally ready to endure the event. I know the end of this peak training cycle will end in a couple weeks and I will then be able to rest as I taper down my training as part of the final preparation for my race.

In addition to my workouts I also managed to attend an online seminar for my CLIF Bar Ambassador training and will now await my first shipment from them--it will be hard to wait patiently!

Next week is also shaping up to be a rather busy week for me on the workout schedule as well, but at least it should be a bit less than this past week.

34 days until Ironman Texas......


Rae! said...

Do me a favor when you start mentally wearing down, think of me. I can't and probably won't ever get a 140 in.Because of my back. =(
So think of your friend who would love to be training for this and can not. =) I will have to live it through watching all my friends do the Ironman events.

Amanda said...

Congratulations on a great week of training. Keep your chin up, you know these weeks will be over soon and then it's on to race day!