Sunday, January 27, 2013

Training for Ironman Texas 2013, Year 3, Week 1

Two years ago I blogged a pretty comprehensive account of my training program, whereas last year I presented a more general overview of my training program as part of my regular activities. I haven't really given thought to what level of importance my training for Ironman Texas will hold in my blog for this year.

My original intent for this third undertaking of this race course was to clear most of the other events and distractions from my schedule so I could spend the first 4.5 months of the year concentrating of the preparation of this race for a solid best case effort. While I still intend to give everything I can to doing this race, there is no doubt that I am playing catch-up to where I was fitness-wise three and a half months ago when I was feeling like I was in the same shape I had been 20-25 years ago. After significant injury and a few months of being laid up, I have fallen from this level of fitness, though I am starting to find out that I have not lost all of my fitness along the way.

While this may not be an ideal way for me to take on the challenge of Ironman, I am still looking forward to setting my best foot forward towards getting this done....and doing it well.

Week 1 was a warm-up week to get me back into the training process and evaluate whether my body would respond well to the resumption of full training. This week included the following training totals:

Swim: 2800 yards in 1:10:46
Bike: 75 miles in 4:17:29 These workouts were done on the trainer or spin bike and the distance numbers are estimated based upon effort.
Run: 13.39 mile in 2:18:12
Other: 20:00 minutes of strength training

Total Time: 8:06:17

110 days until Ironman Texas.....


K said...

Your warm-up week is more than most will ever do! Bring on IMTX!!!

Amanda said...

Great week Richard. You are amazing and this is going to be one crazy emotional ride!