Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ironman Texas Training 2013, Week 2

Week 2 of training for Ironman Texas kept my momentum from injury recovery going as I worked on re-establishing my athletic base. I made some slight advances in my workouts, other than having to skip a swim workout due to schedule conflicts. Overall, it seems that things are beginning to come together for me. I am still not at a point where things feel normal with my workouts yet, but I do feel like I am slowly getting back to that point.

Next week presents an opportunity to jump my training time up a couple hours if I can get in all the workouts and hold up to the increasing physical stress. One high point from this week was that I passed the point that marked the midpoint of the time between my injury and the day of Ironman Texas. I am now closer to IMTX than to that injury in terms of just time. Another important point this week was finally getting my tri bike into the shop for evaluation and possible repair--with any luck I'll be taking her back on the road soon instead of riding my old road bike as I've done recently.

Last week's training:

Swim: 2500 yards in 0:57:59
Bike: 77.06 miles in 4:37:02 These workouts were done on the trainer or spin bike and the distance numbers are estimated based upon effort.
Run: 17.10 mile in 2:40:30
Other: 20:00 minutes of strength training

Total Time: 8:35:31

100 days until Ironman Texas.....


Amanda said...

You're doing excellent Richard - so proud of you!

Adrienne said...

Passing the halfway mark = on your way! 1/100 at a time!