Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ironman Texas Training 2013, Week 3

Having my body hold up for two consecutive 8+ hour weeks was pretty good as I am attempting to go from injury recovery mode to training mode. Now I upped the ante and aimed for a double digit week of training hours. I am pleased to report that I held up pretty well this week, too. I definitely finished this week feeling tired, but also feeling good about my progress. I got all my planned workouts done this week, only shortening one swim by 500 yards due to scheduling constraints. This coming week is a recovery week and I will have a chance to get in some extra rest time for my body before taking my training to the next level.

This week included my weekly highs for swim, bike and run distances since my injuries last October. Some of my workouts are not as fast as I would like, but right now just covering the distance is more important to my being able to complete Ironman Texas in May. I can worry about doing some of these workouts more quickly in future weeks when my body is more prepared for it.

This last week's training:

Swim: 4500 yards in 1:40:31
Bike: 95.36 miles in 6:06:46 These numbers include workouts were done on the trainer or spin bike and the distance numbers are estimated based upon effort for those.
Run: 18.06 mile in 3:02:08
Other: 20:00 minutes of strength training

Total Time:11:09:25

  97 days until Ironman Texas.....


Amanda said...

Great week Richard. Glad you have a rest week so you can get ready for the next push!

Adrienne said...

"just covering the distance". Well said!

K said...

I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you, friend!!