Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ironman Texas Training 2013, Week 4

This past week was a "rest" week. I put rest in quotes because it was not really restful, except in that my muscles were not taxed as hard in terms of pacing. I did have to take a zero for my of my swim workouts due to a work conflict with my workout schedule, but this was also a good week for that to happen (if it had to happen). I felt good this week and had some high quality workouts. Despite some general feelings that I'm way behind where I'd like to be, part of me can't help but feel I am doing better than I give myself credit for--and I am certainly better off than I probably have any right to be considering I'm still only 4 months (to the day) from my whole getting hit by a car thing. 

Sometimes I feel perfectly fine. Other times I feel a bit limited and every now and then I feel an out of place pain. All in all, as I said above, I'm doing pretty good. I'm not really all healed up yet but I am good enough to start looking at taking this to the next level--which is good since I'm entering the next build phase and, considering what my next week's schedule looks like, the kid gloves are off.

This last week's training:

Swim: 2600 yards in 0:59:38
Bike: 80.23 miles in 4:51:57 These numbers include workouts were done on the trainer or spin bike and the distance numbers are estimated based upon effort for those.
Run: 19.16 mile in 2:55:33
Other: 15:00 minutes of strength training

Total Time: 9:42:08

  87 days until Ironman Texas.....

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