Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ironman Texas Training 2013, Week 5

In last week's post I said it looked like the kid gloves were coming off in terms of my schedule, and that was an accurate assessment of things as my schedule took a big jump in hours and volume. My swim, run and bike volumes all increased this week and were each at their highest weekly volume since I returned to training. Also, other than having to shorten a swim workout by about 500 yards due to a cramp, I got all my scheduled workouts in this week. The most interesting event in the training week was my long bike ride on Saturday being temporarily halted by a parade and then the kids on the parade floats tossing candy my way.

This next week will be partly affected by some work conflicts, as well as my volunteering at the local Woodlands Marathon next weekend. I will be one of the lead runner bicycle escorts.Considering I was not going to be able to do the race this year due to my injury recovery, I am glad I got a really cool volunteer slot! 

The volume of this past week has left me quite tired and run down, but it was awesome to get in a good 9 mile run while feeling exhausted before the run. It is workouts like this one that get a person through an Ironman race.

This last week's training:

Swim: 7000 yards in 2:42:30
Bike: 129.38 miles in 8:02:37 These numbers include workouts were done on the trainer or spin bike and the distance numbers are estimated based upon effort for those.
Run: 23.22 mile in 3:48:08
Other: 50:00 minutes of other training, such as strength training, stretching, etc...

Total Time: 15:23:15

83 days until Ironman Texas.....

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