Sunday, January 9, 2011

IMTX Training - Week 1

Week 1 of training for Ironman Texas is in the books. Here is how my training for the week breaks down.

Swim - 5000 yds, 1:56:24
Bike - 41.1 road miles plus two spin classes, 5:00:28
Run - 24.0 miles, 5:26:23
Other - stretching or other training workout, 0:30:00

Overall training time 12:53:15

My body had held up fine this week, even running 3 consecutive days at one point (which is not something I will normally do). I am making a point not to try to do too much in my workouts as I know I have a lot of training ahead of me and know that I will need to pace myself. Some heavy, cold rain on Sunday drove me indoors for my 10 mile long run. Fortunately, I saw a few friendly faces and grabbed a treadmill next to some of my teammates, which allowed me to enjoy some good conversation, before I set up my iPad to catch a movie while training as well.

An extra plus was also attending the OutRival Racing team event held at The Goose's Acre, a self described bistro and Irish Pub as well as a popular spot for local athlete's to gather. It also happens to have a patio area adjacent to the run course of Ironman Texas. I got to meet several new people and also got to know a few others better.

Week 2 will look a lot like Week 1 with respect to planned training numbers.


Amanda said...

Awesome training for the week! Very impressive.

Rae! said...

WOW!! Great numbers. I will be starting in Feb. with a new coach. SO let the abuse begin!!
Keep up the great work. ;)