Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reviewing 2010

Now that 2010 is in the books, I want to take a bit of time to review my
goals from last year and see how I did.

1. Run a sub-30 minute 5K. I've been after this one for a while and really feel I can do it this year.

I only ran one 5K this year, but I beat the old 5K PR of 30:20 with a 27:05 in late November.

2. Run a sub-2:30 half marathon. Just like #1, I really am going after this goal this year.

While I ran 3 half marathons this year, 2 were run for the fun of doing a Disney event; however the only one was run for time. In February I knocked almost 5 minutes off of my half marathon PR with a finish time of 2:26:45.

3. Participate in at least 4 triathlons this year. I did 4 last year, so I don't see why I can't do at least that many again.

2010 was a full triathlon year for me as I entered and completed 6 triathlons.

4. Get my weight under 200 pounds and keep it there.

I started the year around 212 lbs and finished around 202 pounds, never quite getting under 200 pounds, but I was successful at keeping my weight down and not regaining any of my previously lost weight.

5. My goals for individual activities: Running 600 miles, Biking 1500 miles, Swimming 60 miles and Total Exercise Time 17,500 minutes.

Well, I have looked over my log for the year and was quite surprised with my training totals for the year. It's not that I did not know that I had done a lot of training, but I had not been watching the monthly or annual totals for at least several months. I ran 626.2 miles, biked 2060.8 miles and swam 69.5 miles for the year (a total of 2756.6 miles). In addition, I logged a total of 20540 minutes of training activities for the year. (for which I say "Wow!")

In summary, I made 4 of the 5 goals while narrowly missing the remaining goal. All in all, I have to call 2010 a successful year...with any luck (and a lot of effort) hopefully 2011 will be as good or better! My thanks to all of you give up a bit of your time to read my ramblings in this blog.


Adrienne said...

Solid year, Richard! Best for '11!

Amanda said...

You did a great job in 2010 - amazing numbers!

I am sure you're going to blow 2011 out of the water. Keep up the great work.!

K said...

Amazing year, Richard! Keep up the great work and we will be seeing an Ironman in 2011!

Rae! said...

Awesome!! Job well done. You should feel great for you accomplishments!
Any chance your headed over this weekend??

Richard said...

Rae, I no be ther at WDW this year. Have a great time!