Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lunchtime Ramblings on the iPad

I decided to take a much needed and (IMHO) well earned break from the office to eat lunch out-although I am staying with a healthy option. It is interesting in that many places I would have gone before were not even considered due to their less healthy fare. These days my appetite is quite strange, I can quickly go from famished to full and back to hungry again quickly at times, other times I have to make myself eat a healthy snack periodically or I won't eat at all for many hours. I suppose it is all the training and stress on my system these days. It seems my biggest trouble in my immediate future is going to be eating ENOUGH calories! Please feel free to laugh with me over that ironic predicament.

I am in the midst of IMTX Week 3 of training, which is my last build week before a recovery week, although "recovery" is relative in that case. Today was the first day this week with only one scheduled workout, although it was a good brick workout (1.25 hours on the bike and a 2 mile run). this morning was the first morning my body has felt any fatigue going into the workout, which has my coach instructing me to cut short tomorrow's first workout if that is still the case in the morning.

Things are going pretty well at work considering I lost my Operations Manager to his new job this week, leaving me to do all the supervision until I hire his placement-although providing me with ample excuse to tackle some overdue reorganization.

Finally, let me respond to my friend Rae, who several weeks ago told me she wanted to see me at 195 lbs after I posted about making it under 200 lbs for the first time in years. Well,'s look at the scale first thing this morning was......194.8 lbs.....look out 180's, I am coming for you!


Amanda said...

You might want to correct that typo unless you really gained a hundred pounds - which I know is not the case :)!

Sounds like your coach has you under control and you're doing awesome. Definitely give the body that break if you're feeling too tired.

Richard said...

Thanks, Amanda! The typo is fixed ;-)

K said...

That is so awesome! Way to go and I can't wait to hear them call your name at that finish line!!!

Heather and Jeff said...

you think you're hungry now, just wait til you start doing 6hour rides! I felt like I ate all the time and was still hungry all the time! Good call to cut it short if you're not feeling it. Avoid injury and burnout at all costs. Keep it up!! Can't wait to see you become an Ironman!!!