Sunday, January 16, 2011

IMTX Training - Week 2

It appears that I survived Week 2 of Ironman training. Here is how my training for the week breaks down.

Swim - 4800 yds, 2:00:38
Bike - all on spin bike or trainer, 6:17:48
Run - 23.16 miles, 4:57:44
Other - stretching or other training workout, 0:30:00

Overall training time 13:46:10

This week added about an hour to the overall training time from last week, pretty much all in the bike category, while the run time was down a small bit.

This week's toughest workout was the 3 hour bike ride that ended up on a spin bike due to poor weather. Fortunately, I was spotted by a friend and called over to where a group of triathletes had put a few spin bikes in a circle to ride together. I ended up doing all but the last 40 minutes with someone else for company. One good thing about doing this workout on the spin bike was that I was able to maintain a high cadence pedal rate at all times, without having to stop for traffic or lights on the road.

So far my body is still holding up fine. I am trying to pull out all the stops in the area of recovery, using whirlpool, compression, stretching, recovery drinks, etc... as I go the post workout periods.

This next week adds in increasing workouts with another build week before I have a scheduled recovery week. I am really interested in seeing how far I can push myself and still hold up effectively through these workouts. Also up next week is a group run with my training team OutRival Racing on the Ironman Texas run course.

My most interesting personal thought this week was wanting to know when a short week became 6 miles. Also this week I kept up with the diet as well as all the exercise, weighing between 195 and 199 pounds all week.

125 days until Ironman Texas!

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Amanda said...

Awesome job on the training Richard - that's an impressive week.

I know what you mean about 6 miles being short - too funny :)!

Keep the momentum going, you're doing great!